LiL’Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP), one of the world’s leading exporters of phosphates, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers, began constructing a phosphate pipeline in 2010, designed to deliver several grades of phosphate slurry to Jorf Lasfar’s terminal –  a deep water commercial port located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.  

The project, near Khouribga 200 km North West of Marrakech, consists of a 187 km 36” transportation pipeline, plus 37 km of 18” and 20” feeder lines, running to Jorf Lasfar’s terminal as well as Doui Pump Station, MEA Head Station, and Halasaa Pump Station, representing an investment of US$ 433 million.The completion of this project will reduce OCP’s transportation costs considerably from the mine in Khouribga to the port off Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It will also reduce energy costs and the environmental impact associated with previous transportation handled by the region’s railway line.

36" HDPE Liner pull

The EPC contractor Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc., a Turkish company,  awarded a $67.3 million (USD) sub-contract to UPS-APTec Limited a joint venture between Allied Pipeline Technologies SA  and United Pipeline Systems to install a high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe liner system to avoid what could otherwise result in costly damage to the steel pipe, shortening its life span.