Pipeline Infrastructure

Reasons to Choose APTec for Your Pipeline Infrastructure

When it comes to pipeline infrastructure, let Allied Pipeline Technologies build it safe and make it last!

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At Allied Pipeline Technologies (APTec), we strive to keep the oil industry safe for humans and the environment. As the industry grows and changes, this goal becomes increasingly important. For instance, public scrutiny of pipelines and a very small window of tolerance in terms of incidents produce the drive to not only advance operations but maintain the industry’s infrastructure.  If we examine pipelines through or near water sources such as rivers, creeks and lakes, any damage to ecological habitats and the water itself can have lasting consequences.  This is just one of numerous areas where the usage and implementation of liners can provide a secondary containment system. 

Yet, the ever-growing demand for oil and gas is a reality, and this is not going anywhere anytime soon. By 2040, the world will need 32 percent more energy than is currently being produced (International Energy Agency, 2015).  Increased oil production – particularly within the Canadian oil sands – will address this need (National Energy Board, 2016).  It is also understood that pipelines are the safest, most efficient, and most reliable method of transporting the world’s most consumed natural resource (Natural Resources Canada, 2016).  For these reasons, when it comes to pipeline infrastructure, let’s continue this trend.  Build it safe and make it last.

Efforts to mitigate the risk of pipeline spills, exposure, and failure are an ongoing practice within the oil industry.  In Alberta, such efforts have seen a 44 percent reduction in pipeline incidents over the last ten years (Alberta Energy Regulator, 2017).  The service of pulling liners or high-density polyethylene into steel pipelines to provide internal corrosion protection was developed over 25 years ago.  Such advancements mean there is a continued expectation to develop innovative technology that can prevent incidents and protect the environment. 

APTec is at the forefront of these advancements. As a worldwide, specialized pipeline contractor, APTec installs products and provides services of the highest quality, integrity and reputation that will enhance the value of your operations.  Our team can support the ever-improving stability of pipeline safety in your organization.  APTec has grown to over 300 employees and completed projects throughout North America, South America, and the Middle East.  We pride ourselves on working with companies and individuals to implement solutions for protecting new pipelines against corrosion and abrasion or extending and rehabilitating existing pipelines.

If you would like to learn more about how APTec’s capabilities can serve your organization, please contact us through our website, or feel free to contact a team member directly via LinkedIn.