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Allied Pipeline Technologies

is a multinational company specializing in pipeline services. Our focus is developing and implementing solutions for corrosion/abrasion protection of your new pipeline, and rehabilitation of existing pipes with no-dig methods.

In many cases this involves a combination of methods including traditional pipeline installation alongside no-dig installations. 

With our global partners we provide local knowledge combined with our technology, which is used in many industries and applications.  

Our client base includes mining companies, oil and gas industry leaders, and a variety of municipal and industrial operators.

APTec can handle all aspects of your project, or work closely with your engineer and contractor to deliver one of our specialties

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Specialties and Services

APTec can provide peace-of-mind and longevity to piping systems in sensitive locations. Our team is comprised of distinguished industry professionals who have been developing solutions since 1985.

We are recognized as leaders in the field of polyethylene pipe tight fitting liner installation, and have been innovating and advancing these technologies for over 25 years.

  • Sure-Liner™
  • HDPE internal pipe lining (Roll Down Tight Fit)
  • Slip Lining – Pipe in a Pipe
  • Slip Lining Using Spoolable Composites
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Plastic pipe systems
  • New pipeline construction 
  • Related facilities  
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APTec Sure-Liner™ System

Got a few minutes?

We put together an informative (and interesting) video visually detailing the APTec Sure-Liner™ pipe lining system.

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Pipe Laying Timelapse

Watch as our fleet of modern pipelayers and conduct a well-orchestrated pipe lowering. 

125 meter long 42" steel pipe with Sure-Liner™

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APTec Products mean...
• Environmental Protection
• Extended Asset Life
• Increased flow
• Lower operating costs

Products and Services

APTec products and services deliver solutions to protect your pipeline assets from the attack of abrasive and/or corrosive fluids.

Sure-Liner™ System

The Sure-Liner™ Internal pipe-lining process involves the insertion of a tight-fit HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic liner pipe inside of a steel pipe, thereby taking advantage of the mechanical strength of the steel pipe combined with the corrosion and abrasion resistance of the plastic liner. Sure-Liner HDPE liner pipe is manufactured to ASTM and ISO industry standards for PE-4710 and PE-100. This same HDPE material is used for pressure pipe applications.

To obtain the tight-fit installation, Sure-Liner pipe is sized larger in diameter than the inside diameter of the steel pipe and then radially compressed (rolled down) to reduce its outside diameter during the insertion process. In order to obtain a tight-fit liner after installation it is necessary to both pull the liner and push the liner into the steel pipe. APTec has developed the Powered Roller Box—the newest generation of power roller reduction equipment—for this purpose. Simple reduction of a liner pipe during installation without power can result in significant strain on the liner pipe and not allow it to fit-tight.  

The insertion lengths can vary from short pull lengths to pull lengths in excess of 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), depending on the pipe diameter and contour of the pipeline. 


Powered Roller Box Equipment Technology

APtec has developed Powered Roller Box Equipment to enhance the installation and performance of tight-fit lining. The power and design of the roller reduction results in more pushing power, longer pull lengths, fewer connections, and most importantly less stress on the liner pipe during installation. The the result is a tight-fit Sure-Liner™ inside a steel pipe. 




Standard Flange Connection

Due to the length of most pipelines, flange connections are required between sections of internally lined steel pipe. Although the Sure-Liner™ system minimizes these connections due to the long pull sections, it is still essential to utilize a flange connection designed specifically for internally lined pipelines.

The industry standard for more than 25 years is a Standard Flange Connection comprised of steel flanges in accordance with ASME B16.5. The flange face and bore are machined to mate with a Sure-Liner HDPE flange fitting. The flange connection bolt up  requires a steel spacer ring be placed between the steel flanges to determine the compression of the HDPE flange face. This is critical to achieving the seal of the connection.

To be sure that all the components of the connections mate correctly, APTec can provide the flanges, spacer ring and bolting along with the Sure-Liner System.


Posi-Seal Flange Connection

APTec developed the Posi-Seal Connection for these more demanding applications:

  • High Pressure

  • High Temperature

  • Abrasive Flow Wear

  • Dual Containment Seal

Posi-Seal flange connections utilizes multiple self-energized seals and are designed to ASME B16.5 up to Class 2500 rating.

APTec can provide the Posi-Seal Connection components along with the Sure-Liner System.


HDPE Lined Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings, and short straight sections of steel pipe are often needed to terminate the pipeline, or for use in areas where larger radius bends cannot be accommodated.

In situations such as these, APTec can provide HDPE-lined fittings by Roto-Lining.

The steel pipe spools, or fittings, are fabricated with weld neck flanges to connect with the HDPE-lined steel pipeline.


Internally Coated Steel Pipe Fittings

There are numerous types of internal coatings for steel pipe fittings and most can be used in conjunction with a Sure-Liner HDPE lined pipe. However the face of the steel flange with internal coating must be compatible with the HDPE lined standard flange or the Posi-Seal flange. We can assist you with this by providing the steel flange for internal coating. 


Installation of Plastic Piping System

Plastic Pipe Fusion Welding


APTec provides complete supply and installation of plastic pipe systems.

In conjunctions with our HDPE pipe liner work we maintain a large fleet of thermal fusion-welding machines for HDPE, ranging from 2” (50mm) through 48” (1200mm).  

Our experience fusion-welding long distance pipelines means we can consistently and safely produce quality welds in a high-productivity setting, which results in cost savings for your project.



In cases where the existing pipe has deteriorated and the best solution is installing an HDPE pressure pipe internally, slip lining is the answer.

APTec can pull the HDPE stand-alone pipe into the existing pipe, even on pressure applications up to 300 PSI.

24" Slip Liner below Damn

24" Slip Liner below Damn


Slip Lining Using Spoolable Composites

For situations where pipeline integrity has been compromised in multiple areas, and it becomes no longer economically feasible to repair the pipeline back into a suitable operating condition, APTec provides installation services for a variety of different spoolable composite pipeline products. This method provides customers with a highly efficient installation by utilizing existing pipelines as the carrier for the new composite product, all while being able to provide operating pressures in excess of 2000 psi. Installation lengths vary depending on pipeline contour but regularly exceed 2000m (6,560 feet).


Maintenance of Pipeline Systems


We can provide pipeline cleaning, calibration and inspection services for your pipelines.


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Our Partners

MIDDLE EAST  -  Raymond International

In 2013 Raymond International joined with APTec to provide the Sure-Liner HDPE internal lining systems in the Middle East.   Raymond  is a leader in the worldwide engineering and construction industry. Activities include engineering and construction services, fabrication, installation and maintenance of pipelines for the water, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, pipeline rehabilitation, lining and coating of pipework, industrial and heavy construction.  Founded in 1897 as the Raymond Concrete Pile Company, the company now employs thousands of professionals and craftsmen in the design, engineering, fabrication, construction and construction management disciplines.


About APTec

In 2005 Allied Pipeline Technologies SA was formed with the goal to further develop and enhance the Roll Down Tight Fit HDPE lining system, and provide our clients with the best available technology for pipeline lining systems.

Today APTec has grown to over 300 employees working in 5 countries and completing multiple projects worldwide.

Now over 10 years later we have met our second and equally important goal – to make APTec a world-leading specialized pipeline contractor.

We are a multinational company headquartered in Durango, Colorado and Santiago, Chile specializing in internal pipe lining, pipe rehabilitation and plastic pipe systems. 

APTec developed the Sure-Liner™ technology that utilizes advanced techniques for installing high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, as well as other polymer-based pipes, into new or existing pipelines. Proven benefits of these installations are significant life extension and rehabilitation for all sizes of pipelines, improved flow characteristics, as well as corrosion and abrasion protection.

With APTec’s experience in mining and oil & gas pipeline industries, we are recognized as a leading specialized pipeline contractor providing the engineering, materials, equipment and labor for the installation of our Sure-Liner HDPE Lining systems and our PosiSeal Flange Connection.  

APTec Leaders

The APTec owners and management team is comprised of distinguished industry professionals who have been developing solutions since 1985 and recognized as leaders in the field.

Jose Cabezas,  President

José initiated his career in the early 1980’s working with an engineering and process equipment company specializing in material handling and pipelines for the mining industry. He was responsible for promoting the use of polyethylene pipe for industrial and mining applications. He extensively promoted and introduced the early use of polyethylene pipe throughout the South American Copper mining industry. He later participated in the evaluation and implementation of a pipe production plant in Chile.

In 1994 José joined a specialized pipeline lining company and was assigned the task of directing and managing their pipeline construction and pipeline lining development in South America. During his 6 years with this company, José expanded the company’s growth in the region, where he managed and directed large scale pipeline construction and pipe lining projects for several multinational mining concerns; including four of the longest copper concentrate pipelines utilizing HDPE liners totaling more than 1,000 km of lined high pressure pipelines. 

In 2005 Jose founded Allied Pipeline Technologies (APTec). Since then the company has accomplished significant technical developments and improvements of pipeline lining systems, installation equipment and construction techniques.



Dale began his career in Canada researching and developing methods for internally lining and joining steel pipelines for corrosion protection.  In 1984 he developed and patented a steel pipe coupling system for joining internally lined steel pipe. This lead to the development of HDPE lining of steel pipelines.

In 1988 Dale invented and patented a method of roll down tight fit lining of steel pipe and this method along with enhancements is the mainstay of the tight fit HDPE internal lining used for the past 25 plus years. 

In 1985 Dale was instrumental in founding and managing an international specialized pipe contractor that provided HDPE internal lining services.   

Dale's combination of technical development skills and management experience links the history of this specialty pipeline business with the future needs of APTec's customers.  

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Gerron Hogg, Operations Manager, Canada

Gerron started his career in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry in 2004 as a Field Service Technician for a specialized pipeline contractor focused solely on the installation of HDPE Liners for Oil and Gas applications. Gerron worked extensively in Central/Northern Alberta and British Columbia managing in excess of 1000km of pipeline lining installations for a variety of high value customers.

Gerron continued working to a Field Level Superintendent until becoming a valued partner in 2008 at which time he began his new role as Field Operations Manager. Gerron provides a unique and valued perspective through his years of field experience that benefits our customers at many stages of the project cycle.