HDPE Pipe Lining Specialists: High density polyethylene pipeliner installation; Oil and gas internal pipe liners; Mining slurry pipe lining; Internal corrosion protection and tight fitting liners.

APTec in action

Welcome to APTec USA

APTec is a multinational company located in Colorado, USA and Santiago, Chile specializing in pipeline construction, internal HDPE pipe lining, pipe rehabilitation and plastic pipe systems. Allied Pipeline Technologies® utilizes and develops advanced techniques for fusing and installing high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) into new or existing pipelines. Proven benefits of these installations are significant life extension and rehabilitation for all sizes of pipelines, improved flow characteristics and corrosion protection.

APTec focuses on timely and economic installations with the goal of improving the flow characteristics and environmental safety qualities of pipelines carrying all types of fluid media. Our client base includes mining operations, oil and gas industry leaders, and a variety of municipal and industrial operators.

Specialty construction techniques involve interference fit HDPE applications, trenchless technology, slip lining, pipe bursting and general pipeline construction as well as providing specialized spool fabrications and creative solutions for difficult environments. Environmentally friendly, APTec can provide peace-of-mind and longevity to piping systems in sensitive locations. Our team is comprised of distinguished industry professionals who have been developing solutions since 1985. We are recognized as leaders in the field of polyethylene pipe liner engineering and construction and have been innovating and advancing these technologies since inception.

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